Use Autocrat to move info from a Google Form to a Google Doc


This isn’t the same thing I showed you last week – which is how to take the information you collect from a Google Form and plop it into a Google Doc so that you can actually read it.

  • Autocrat is an add-on that allows you to collect any sort of data in a spreadsheet and then insert it into specific places Google Doc – automatically. Like a mail merge program might do.
  • Good for gathering data among PLT’s – or just your own class data!
  • Take a look at these links to understand more:

Make data from Google Sheets easier to read

Let’s say you use a Google Form in class to collect information. You open the document that gets created, and go to “Reponses.” You click “View responses”…


Now you have a spreadsheet of your results that looks like this. But oh no!:

If you’d like to put all of this information into a pleasant, easy-to-read Google Doc, here’s how:
  • In your hard-to-read spreadsheet, go up to “Add-ons” and then choose “Save As Doc.”
  • After you click “Start,” you can:
1. Give your Document a title
2. Choose whether or not you’d like to include the questions from your form (they’re the headings in bold that you see at the top of your form)
3. If you would like a different row from your hard-to-read spreadsheet to become the heading…you can tell the program that here in this box.
4. “Column Heading Style” is font size, boldness, etc. It goes from big to small.
5. Do you want each row of your spreadsheet to have its own page? If so, click here.
6. Are you going to select (or highlight) certain rows/columns? Or do you want all of your spreadsheet to show up on your Google Doc? If you want everything, then let the program do it for you — click “Select all data.”
  • Now click “Save as Doc”! You can view it right away. If you don’t like the looks of it, adjust and do it again.
  • Be sure you move your Google Doc to the folder where you’d like to keep it, or you may have trouble locating it again.
Text wrapping in Google Forms spreadsheets

As long as we’re talking about the output of a Google Form, I might as well toss this one out there. If you would like to use the spreadsheet as-is, one quick and easy thing you can do to make it more reader-friendly is to put your cursor on the top of the column where you’d like to show all of the text (figure 1), then click on text wrapping (figure 2).

From there, you can select the middle option, “wrap.”


The text in each box in the column will then all appear in the box without going off the screen.