How to add folders or documents that have been shared with you to your Google Drive


A lot of times, I create folders for my journalism students where they can submit miscellaneous documents that I don’t want to collect through Google Classroom. I share the folder with these students by providing a link to it, and they are able to access it when they click the link, but when I ask them to return to the folder a week later…they have no idea how they got there.

If someone shares a document or folder with you that you’re pretty sure you’re going to need to reference again, add it to your Google Drive! It won’t make you the owner, unless the person doing the sharing set the permissions that way, but it will make it accessible whenever you need it.

This quick handout tells you how!

Get organized over Christmas break!

What can you do with your spare time once the last guest has pried himself from your couch and driven off to his own suburb? Organize your files and your email, of course! You can follow along with the slide presentation that I created for students below–all of the information I gave them applies to anyone who uses a computer regularly.


Click to open!



One-click document creation?


No. I’m not fooling. There’s an extension that I’ve been waiting for all my life, and today…I found it. Google Docs Quick Create sits up next to your address bar, and when you click it, you can create a new Google Slides page, Doc, Sheet, Form, or Drawing. From just one easy-to-access place! Try it! Create something! And revel in the joy of shortcuts with me.