Summer reading anyone?

noun_38465_ccThis is a nice roundup of summer reading by Hapara. Super-saver tip: reserve books you’d like to read through your public library using Overdrive – and then download them to your (iPad, Kindle, tablet, laptop, etc.) for free! More money for suntan lotion!

Appointment Slots & Calendar Sharing in Google Calendar

A few weeks ago, I presented at the Illinois Computing Educators Conference on using Google Calendar. We also had a Lunch & Learn on the topic. Here is the slide presentation that I shared. If you go through it, you can learn:

    • The basic anatomy of a Google Calendar
    • How to create and invited people to events
    • Use appointment slots for students or parents to sign up to see you before/after school
    • Share a calendar with an audience
    • Create a calendar for collaboration among many people
    • Create and use Resource Rooms