Looking for a video editor?


YouTube is discontinuing its built-in video editor, but there are still ways for your students to create movies using their Chromebooks! Try Adobe Spark or WeVideo. If you want the more robust, premium version of WeVideo for your classes, let me know, and I will get you a class subscription! WeVideo integrates nicely with Google Classroom (see below).

Flipgrid – Fast & Fun!


Flipgrid is a super-fast way to get student reactions using just a quick online code and a Chromebook! If you look here, you’ll see that I asked my journalism class for a reaction to an article we’re reading, and they gave me a 30-second (or under) response. The whole thing, from set up to execution, took under 10 minutes. And it’s free!

New Google Sites vs. Old Google Sites

noun_310584_ccThe new version of Google Sites is much easier to use, but still very pared down. I found this article that helps to quickly see what’s available in the new version and what isn’t. Like all Google products, they’ll add to it gradually, so don’t be discouraged by things like limited fonts!

Don’t steal photos. Don’t let your students steal photos.


What do I mean by “stealing photos”?

  • Taking an image from the Internet that isn’t labeled “fair use.”
  • Using a fair use photo without citing it.

It’s not difficult to use online images responsibly, it just means adjusting the way you do things. There’s a page on the #ChromebookPirate website about how to use photos, music, and video without stealing, and there’s one on the student Chromebook Handbook as well.

If we’re not modeling ethical behavior, we can’t expect it of our students.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like for me to come in to your classes to show students how to search and cite fair use photos, please let me know!

But for starters, Photos for Class offers a simple fair use search feature and does the citation right on the photo for you!

Create an interactive space for students using Google Draw


Google Draw is for more than just drawing a square or a POW! shape. This cute and seasonal magnetic poetry template is just one example of you can create a fun little shared space for your class that everyone can work on independently. Give it a try! Make a poem!