Welcome your students with Classroom Screen


ClassroomScreen.com seems a little cheesy upon first glance, but give it a closer look. I project instructions for my students to view as they enter my classroom – but I do it using a Google Doc, which allows for text and images only. I take it down as soon as class begins. Classroomscreen.com gives you tools you can use not only at the beginning of the class – but throughout. A stopwatch? A countdown timer? Right there on the screen. Write instructions next to an image? Do so here. Name randomizer? Sure! The “Tips & Tricks” page gives you more ideas. Simple, yes…but for some teachers, extremely useful!

Short, snappy videos to close out class


If you’re looking for an end-of-class wind-down activity, pick out one of the videos from the website called The Kid Should See This and have a two or three-minute discussion afterwards. Or, as I suggested in one of my previous posts, ask students to share reactions using a quick-response tool like Padlet or Flipgrid!

Skip the fluff on YouTube videos!

download (1)

If you’d like to tear through YouTube videos at a faster pace (right arrow) – or if you’d like to pause (space bar), rewind (j), or restart (o) – take a minute to master a few of these keyboard shortcuts. They come in handy when you’re showing clips to a class and want to be able to back up a few seconds or skip to the end.

Another way to keep the videos – and not the comments or suggested videos – at the forefront of your YouTube experience is to download Turn off the Lights – an extension that dims everything but the video when you select it – or Hide YouTube Comments – an extension that simply removes comments from every YouTube video you view until you feel like you’re missing out on what the keyboard warriors are saying and you delete the extension. 😐 😁

QBall! The fun, throwable wireless microphone!

All you need is a speaker and a place to plug the receiver in. I can set it up for you in two shakes, and then you can use it for class discussions, review games, whatever you want!
Email me if you’d like to give it a spin!

Thanks to Cathy Brennan and her PE class for the demonstration!