Hapara updates you should know about

Teachers who use Highlights in Hapara to lock students into specific websites during class time (called “Focused Browsing”) may be interested in a new feature that’s just being rolled out – it’s called “Filtered Browsing.” While Focused Browsing allows you to provide up to ten websites for your students to use during class time, while blocking everything else, Filtered Browsing allows you to allow students to access any websites except for those that you block – up to five sites. If you are giving students a research assignment, for example, you may want to allow them to use any website except for Wikipedia.org – so you’d enter that address in the “Filtered Browsing” box. (I am in no way impugning Wikipedia with statements made in this entry. It’s just an example!)

You’ll see the option to start using this new feature pop up when you sign into Teacher Dashboard and go to Highlights, or you can manually choose to begin using it by clicking “Guide Browsing” on the top right-hand side of the page. Here’s the how-to page from Hapara with more details.

In addition, you can now save the Focused Browsing and Filtered Browsing choices you set up for a class as a template, so there’s no need to recreate your settings each day. There’s a box at the bottom of the page called “Save as a template” – just click it and you’re set!