Seven tips to get into the fighting spirit!

  • Check out Google Cast. Students can add this app from the Chrome Web Store, and when prompted by the teacher, project wirelessly from his or her device. I haven’t tried it here at school, as it’s fairly new, but here’s an article by a teacher who did. A post from an EdTech site explains the process step by step. If you try it (or would like help trying it), please let me know!

  • I recently shared this collection from Google Classroom guru Alice Keeler, but I thought I’d point out this particular post about how the Classroom folder works. It’s a good primer for those who are new to Google Classroom.
  • I enjoy this extension, and maybe you will too. After you install it, it will sit with your other extensions up next to your toolbar. When you want to open an app, you just click it – it’s a little easier to find than the built-in Google app finder. See it below:button
  • Google Classroom now has a built-in quiz feature…here is an article about how it compares to an add-on like Flubaroo. Quizziz is now directly integrated with Google Classroom. Here’s a video describing how the two work together.
  • Using with your classes? Here’s a sample of an instruction guide – just make a copy and replace my class information with yours. Then put the document on your “About” page on Google Classroom.