Use Comment Bubble to Record Reactions While Viewing YouTube Videos

Don’t just assign a YouTube video! Require participation!
  • Comment Bubble – Ask students to think out loud as they watch videos – and to record their thinking!
Comment Bubble lets you post a video that you get from YouTube or Vimeo on its site, and it will give you a link. From that link, students (who have to log in with a Gmail address) can watch the video and make comments/ask questions. You can create a list of five original questions, but students can ask their own, too. The nice thing is that students can pause the video while watching, type the question, then resume. What you’ll see is a feed of questions and the time at which they came in. I created one using the Dewey Decimals’ performance at the pep assembly, which you can see by clicking here.
Other nice things:
  • You can require students to sign in w/ their Google accounts, so they have to own their comments
  • Students can have mini-discussions in the comments thread
  • You can upload your own videos, too – they don’t have to be videos from YouTube
  • It’s free!